Lions Club of Bundanoon

District 201N2, New South Wales, Australia

Where there's a need there's a Lion

Lions are friends, family and neighbours who share a core belief: community is what we make it.

Lions are people who strive to make a difference - in their local community and beyond into communities across the world. Their volunteer efforts support vision care and address unmet health and education needs wherever they occur.

Lions work together to provide help in time of disaster, conduct vision and health screenings, support eye hospitals, build parks, award scholarships, assist youth and much more.

There are more than 1.3 million Lions members in 205 countries, but we are always looking for one more member to give us two more hands to do service in our community, at home and internationally.

Lions make things happen.

If you think you could help us by becoming a member please click here.

'Friends of Lions'

Not everyone wants or is able to commit to being a fully-fledged Lion. The Bundanoon Lions club offers those the opportunity to those who still want to contribute to Lions and the community without being a full time member as a 'Friend of Lions'. We call on our Friends of Lions to augment our numbers during fundraising and other events. If you'd like to donate a few hours of your time as a 'Friend of Lions' please get in touch. Click here.